Singers, does your voice need to be vocal fatigue free? Do you want some helps to spice up your confidence in your singing?

I've got a course just for you "Uncover Your Best Voice"!

Testimonials From Past Clients

"I loved Tara's course--it was well worth every penny. Not only did it help me get organized, but I got set up for online gigs and teaching, which was huge. In addition, I loved the bonus videos on singing and really appreciate her warm and generous personality. It was a joy. Thank you."  (Robin O'Herin--USA) 

'Tara's course taught me how to book gigs confidently, being consistent, looking like a pro. She made me know my worth, so I won't feel undervalued as a musician. She also made me aware that all those gigs are not about me, it's about how can I serve the place I play at, which is key.'  (Agnes Unger--Hungary) 

"A massive thank you to Tara for completely de-mystifying the process of booking gigs.

Even though I am a very experienced live performer, I was a complete amateur when it came to booking my own gigs and that had caused me a lot of stress over the years.

Tara's course broke it down into understandable manageable pieces that you can work through at your own pace.

She made the impossible feel possible and dare I say it, even fun.

Since finishing the course, I am getting repeat bookings for gigs that I was prepared to write off because I didn't know how to ask them for additional bookings.

I feel extremely hopeful and confident about finding and approaching new places to play.

I now know how to be organized with all aspects of booking, something which is vital and was previously missing.

Tara is extremely knowledgeable about booking gigs and she explains everything in a very kind manner that makes you feel like you can do it too.

A brilliant course and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to have a say in their own career ... so everyone really.

Thank you so much Tara."    (Sam Crane--UK)

"If I can offer any words of wisdom to anyone considering taking this amazing course...just do it! Tara is incredible, and ever since I took her course, I feel so empowered. I get on the phone to a venue knowing what to say now, and more importantly, what not to say. My emails have the appropriate content, and I have gotten a bunch of bookings at my fee since I took the course. Tara is compassionate, real, talented, encouraging, and gives you the tools needed to book the places you want to play. And teaches you not to undersell yourself. So don't wait. And, the best part- once you join, it's for life. So you can keep learning" (Carol Nicodemi--USA)



“The method that Tara is teaching to get more bookings is easy to implement. She also explains very well.  It’s obvious that she is really dedicated to help the people who take her course to be successful. I have no doubt that by following her method, you get more bookings and get them more regularly. I can already see that I have changed my way of finding gigs and I have more results. Thank you Tara. It  was four interesting weeks mixing video on website and live video with interactions with us on Facebook.

I do recommend this course. I'm not a newbie in the game but I believe that from time to time, trainings are good. You can always improve yourself”.   (Sylvie Boisel--France)



"Taras course has taught me to be persistent and resilient when booking gigs.

I booked 5 gigs in the first week of doing this course!

I had never thought of taking my jazz music to seniors groups/events/residences until hearing Tara. I’ve opened up a whole new audience and it is incredibly rewarding.

Tara creates a wonderful and encouraging community with her online Booking Course.  Her course content is up to date and very specific to help musicians get the gigs we want.  Her step by step method and live Q and A sessions are all that you need to become a booking boss!


Natalie de Jager (Australia)


"The biggest pluses for me have been feeling less alone doing what I do, and far more encouraged to continue, and to just let it go when someone is not interested ... so I'm generally feeling far more positive about calling people to book gigs (and yes I have booked a few new ones in the last few weeks); having more structure for follow-ups - never really felt sure about how often I should contact people; beginning to think about where else to approach, as well as seniors care homes which I already do. I have also, finally, begun to set up my musician FB page - one of those things I've been meaning to do for ages. Onwards and upwards!"

 (Avelia Moisey Hill--UK)


 "This course gave me the courage I needed before my CD launch and the booking of a short tour! I really appreciated it! I have six shows confirmed for October and November! Thanks also for the reminder of our value! Adding up all we have done! The long haul is the view and I am grateful for that and sharing that journey with others helps so much. It was money very well spent!  "

(Wanda Gronhovd,  Canada)



"I really loved Tara's course. I've been writing, performing and teaching for over
ten years so I've booked my own shows and tours before, but there were several
things that were really valuable to me at this stage. Having a system for approaching
each part of the booking process takes the strain out of deciding how to go
about it - and then you don't have to wait until you're 'in the mood' to be
proactive - you just check off the next piece you need to do.
It would have saved me tons of slightly directionless meandering and wasted time
when I was just starting out while I  wondered what to do next or how to go about
it if I had received this type of input then. "

(Diana de Cabarrus, UK)



"I had the nagging feeling I wasn't getting paid what I'm worth, or following my unique calling as a musician. Tara B's booking course is exactly what I needed! It was packed with practical exercises to help me remember my training, my skills, my background, and my worth as a performer. She also included tips and script templates for finding and calling decision makers. Her caring personality was evident throughout the course, as she took the time to know each of us and our stories. Tara B is on a mission to empower musicians and break us out of our "booking boxes". I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to take back the reins of their career."

(Julie Lindemuth--USA)



"Successful booking of live gigs is one of the primary means by which musicians can earn consistent money and grow their music business. As a musician, do you desire to book gigs and not have it feel super painful like something you continually dread?  Then, look no further than Tara B.  I took Tara’s Book Like a Boss course, and have to say that Tara makes the process non-intimidating as she provides practical strategies, scripts, templates, feedback, guidance and encouragement throughout the hands-on training. Tara is honest about the fact that booking is hard work and takes practice doing the right things.  Tara is a joy to work with, transparent, highly professional and willing to share knowledge and wisdom, with the one goal of YOU becoming successful at booking.  What really struck me is how Tara caringly imparts her belief that you have significant value as a musician and you deserve to earn pay for your musical services.  This is important in changing your mindset, if you’ve been led to believe you should be performing for free or practically free. I have successfully booked 7 paid gigs in venues where I'm excited to perform since taking Tara’s course.  And, I’m just getting started! "

(Beth Matthew--Professional Vocalist, Pianist, Inspirational Speaker, Songwriter and on the Team with Bree Noble at Women of Substance Radio Podcast, USA)


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Testimonials From Past Clients

If you want to know firsthand how much this course helped others get successful bookings, here is what others are saying. Check out these testimonials.

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