Singers, does your voice need to be vocal fatigue free? Do you want some helps to spice up your confidence in your singing?

I've got a course just for you "Uncover Your Best Voice"!

The Booking Hub

Friend, as an artist, do you have any of these struggles?

Trying to find actual places that have music and pay musicians?

Do you find people wondering why you charge what you do?

I bet you've wished you had something to help you in finding places and a quick answer back to those people! I've got FREE downloads of the following: 

  • 10 Types of Venues/Events to Book Gigs
  • What to Say When People Question Your Pricing

But don't stop there. You can also binge these for free:

  • Pricing Rubric to help you set your price for gigs
  • How to Get Three Great Testimonials for Your Music

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Ten Types of Venues/Events to Book Gigs

Friend, running out of ideas of where to find gigs to play and be paid? I've got you covered here with 10 amazing types of places to find those coveted gigs!

What to Say When People Question Your Pricing

Musicians, wonder how to craft an answer for when people start questioning what you charge for a gig?

I've got you covered with these 6 copy/paste answers!

Pricing Rubric to Help You Set Your Price for Gigs

Here is your go to cheat sheet to help figure out what to charge for gigs, based on different tiers. The first is an example and then the second is one you can fill out!

How to Get Three Great Testimonials for your Music

Do you need help getting people to write testimonials about your music? Then grab this pdf for the questions to get to them so you have some great reviews!

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