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Uncover Your Best Voice

Uncover Your Best Voice

  • Are you already a singer who enjoys singing but doesn't know how to make your voice sound more appealing to an audience?
  • Do you wish your range was wider?
  • Are you still unsure of if you will hit a high note ok?
  • Do you wish that you could project better and that your voice was stronger?
  • Are you a voice teacher just starting out and would love some accountability in teaching and learning?
  • Do you ever feel like there is more to your voice than what you are currently hearing?
  • Do you ever struggle with feeling fatigued or hoarse after doing a gig and don't know why?
  • Do you want to learn technique and see how it applies to different genres?
  • Are you a singer who has never taken lessons because you don't sing classical music?
  • Have you wanted to see just what your singing voice is capable of doing?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this course is DEFINITELY for you!

So who can this course be for:

  • For every singer who has had some lessons in the past but had to stop at some point and always wanted to pick up again
  • For singers tired of feeling like they wish they loved their voice, but still don't
  • For singers who want to feel confident when they sing with being able to project better
  • For singers who want to get their range back or build it
  • For professional musicians who seriously want to up their game in singing so their they keep getting great gigs
  • For adult musicians who want a refresher on the singing voice and desire to take it further
  • For church singers on worship teams
  • For  musical theater people looking to make a lasting impression in auditions
  • For hobby musicians looking to improve what they already know
  • For beginning voice TEACHERS who want to brush up on their own singing
  • For anyone 18 and over who loves singing and wants to learn as much as they can about the voice

The Promise

Over the next 5 sessions, you will be able to:

  • Sing with more freedom and less tension/tightness
  • Be able to sing for longer periods and with more efficiency
  • Be able to sound at your very best every time you sing because you have know-how tools
  • Be able to maintain your breath so that you can emote in more powerful ways to your audience
  • Be able to project further because you know how the voice and its resonance works
  • Be able to connect with an audience because you will have the tools to know how to sing in a pleasing way that brings them into your performance
  • Have far more courage in your singing 
  • Find that your voice is more flexible and agile.

The Process:

  1. 2-3 Videos to watch each module 
  2. mp3's for vocal exercises
  3. PDF's of homework assignments
  4. A Facebook Group for community and support from others, plus homework posts, further training and a place to ask questions

The Price:

  • 5 modules of 2-3 videos each week--Valued at $499
  • Audio Exercises to practice with--Valued at $99
  • Private Facebook group--Valued at $199
  • Total price for Course value = $797 can get this for the low price of just $179!! 

That's a markdown of  over 75%!!

So, are you ready?

Let's dive in together to this amazing instrument that you possess and take you to that next level of mastery in singing!! START TODAY!

And if you still are wondering if Tara's teaching is for you, then just click here to listen to student's testimonials: What others have to say

7 Units

Week 1--Alignment and Breath Management

Great singing starts with how our body is aligned. This is true to get good vocal tone and great breath control. In week 1 we dive into how to consistently create good alignment with our body as well as finding ways to make sure that our breath can support everything we sing.

Week 2--What to Do for Jaw, Tongue and Mouth Tension--Problematic areas

Singing through the years sometimes reveals to us areas of tension that are not easily recognizable or easy to solve. The three areas where tension can happen--jaw, tongue and mouth--are addressed in a few videos in week 2 for the best ways to get you singing freely again.

Week 3--How to Get Great Vocal Tone

In week 3, we tackle the areas of the two passaggio, and how to create a seamless fluid sound in our voice from low to high. We also work through exercises for help in keeping our voice at its most agile and flexible.

Week 4--How Vowels Can Be an Asset to the Voice

Ever thought of how important vowels are in singing? Well, this week, we look at many ways that they can make or break our singing, including working on the every elusive diphthongs and triphthongs in the English language.

Week 5--Checking the Health of Our Singing Voice

In week 5, we approach knowing when to switch in our voices from chest to middle to head and chat a little about the belt. We also check some key sounds in our voice to make sure that all is working as it should. The final challenge is to keep doing practices that keep our voices from any tension that can creep in at the most subtle levels.

Audio Files and Templates

Located here are all the weekly audio exercises for you to sing with. Each exercise is designed to help you practice what is covered in the video lessons.

Also, you will find the homework pdf that gives you assignments for each week.

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