Singers, when was the last time that you loved your voice? I want to help! You have a unique voice that was given to you! I've got a course just for you "Uncover Your Best Voice"!

The Singer's Hub

Welcome singers! This FREE hub is just for you, whether you are a professional musician or just enjoy singing as a hobby!  If you struggle with any of these things, you can find some quick FREE helps right here:

  • Knowing which food types to avoid before your sing
  • Vocal lesson assessment sheet for Vocal Teachers
  • Vocal exercises for flexibility
  • Finding practice apps for singing
  • Listening to my podcast on the singing voice right here: The Engaging Voice

4 Units

5 Types of Food to Avoid Before a Performance

Need to know what foods you shouldn't eat before singing? Grab your free PDF here to help you shop and plan your meals!

MP3 Flexibility Exercises for Warming up the Voice

Get your free mp3's of vocal warmups specifically for keeping your voice flexible and able to do fast runs and riffs!

Ideas for Practicing Voice

Some steps and apps to help you be accountable and give you tools to actually make vocal practice a regular part of your music journey.

Vocal Lesson Assessment Sheet for Voice Teachers

Voice teachers, if you are just beginning to teach lessons and wish you had a handy sheet to know some of the things to assess during a lesson, grab this free PDF!

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