Singers, does your voice need to be vocal fatigue free? Do you want some helps to spice up your confidence in your singing?

I've got a course just for you "Uncover Your Best Voice"!

Welcome to Tara B's courses HUB of learning and helps!

I'm so excited that you have stopped in here where a whole tribe of musical enthusiasts--from hobby to pros--are getting what they need to help them in their music journeys of singing and performing! And for even more tips, you can go to my podcast The Engaging Voice:

If you want some simple no cash tips, there is the Singer's and Booking Hub for you to check out.

AND......drum roll please....if you are a serious musician who wants to grow your performing business with gigs, please consider the brand new "PREMIER PERFORMER" membership group and "Getting the Gig" course!!! Or considering taking your singing to the next level with "Uncover Your Best Voice" or "The Singer's Feedback Zone"!

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Uncover Your Best Voice

This voice training helps you say no to tension in the voice and vocal fatigue  while making your range easy again. It’s the key for performing singers so they can sing with their most free and glorious sound in as little as 5 weeks.

We will utilize 5 modules to help you master your singing voice and get you to a new level of know-how! This intermediate course is for all singers who have had some background in singing, coaching or vocal training. 

The Singer's Feedback Zone (Monthly)

The Singer’s Feedback Zone  monthly coaching program makes it easy for performing singers just like you to be able to check in with a coach for tips that make make you sound your best on a song without having to practice for long periods.

The way it's done is through a weekly vocal check-in via a video app for smartphone where you can sing a song and then get some quick feedback to keep you sounding great and singing with freedom and expression!

Ready for a game changer for your voice?

And from a voice teacher who is regularly performing?

Don't trust your voice to just anyone. I've been teaching for over 25 years and performing since I was 6. I know what it's like to have great longevity in your voice and you can have it too!

You are getting one-on-one training for the price of group coaching!

30 Go-To Idea Posts for Social Media

Musicians, ready for 30 amazing ideas that you can use for posting on social media--whether it's making Reels, going live, putting up photos or sharing your story in a written form?

If you are tired of trying to figure out what to post as a musician, then this is a no brainer! Grab this PDF of a plethora of ideas that will save you time because you don't have to brainstorm!

You can just use one for each day of the month and not have to worry what comes next because there is always one more for the next day!

Other people will sometimes share their ideas for posting but it has no relevance to us as musicians.

I know how hard it can be to come up with things to post. And that's why I created something as a musician for musicians!

And it won't break the bank! Less than a Netflix monthly subscription. Get yours today!

The Singer's Hub

Welcome singers! This FREE hub is just for you, whether you are a professional musician or just enjoy singing as a hobby!  If you struggle with any of these things, you can find some quick FREE helps right here:

  • Knowing which food types to avoid before your sing
  • Vocal exercises for flexibility
  • Finding practice apps for singing
  • Listening to my podcast on the singing voice right here: The Engaging Voice

The Booking Hub

Friend, as an artist, do you have any of these struggles?

Trying to find actual places that have music and pay musicians?

Do you find people wondering why you charge what you do?

I bet you've wished you had something to help you in finding places and a quick answer back to those people! I've got FREE downloads of the following: 

  • 10 Types of Venues/Events to Book Gigs
  • What to Say When People Question Your Pricing

But don't stop there. You can also binge these for free:

  • Pricing Rubric to help you set your price for gigs
  • How to Get Three Great Testimonials for Your Music

Premier Performer

Are you tired of feeling like it's only other musicians who get all the "good gigs"?

Do you love excellence and find yourself working so hard at your music career but feel like you have to juggle so many things that it's hard to be good at any of them?

Are you tired of trying to figure out ways to get paid doing what you love to do as a performer?

This mastermind membership group makes creating professional performances simple so you can get your favorite gigs doing the repertoire you love while getting paid your asking price

It is for those who want to level up your performance game and find the most practical ways to use social media to promote your performances--online and off line.

It is for those musicians who want to create "gigs" that  allow them creativity and the use of their musical gifts while getting paid as a pro!

Plus we'll be exploring the purpose and mindset behind your music career to keep you shining at your best and knowing what to do next!

The Complete Virtual Shows Blueprint for the Gigging Musician

Still haven't jumped on the bandwagon of VIRTUAL shows? 

Do you think virtual shows have run their course?

Or is the thought of going live giving you shaky knees and dry mouth?

Or do you consider yourself "tech challenged" and are convinced you won't have the know-how to go LIVE? 

Don't fear! I've got your covered!

In this training we'll cover how to master going live and doing virtual concerts so you are on the cutting edge of performing musicians.

You can use these clear, easy techniques to perform online, book virtual gigs, and even get paid for performing! You don't need to be a tech guru to do this!!

Heck, I even show you how to promote and schedule those shows so your fans watch time and again!

And, at the low price of just $37, it won't break the bank!

Don't miss this easy step by step training that will finally show you how to go LIVE on multiple social media platforms with the technology you need and therefore can be paid like a pro.

Premier Performer VIP

Premier Performer VIP is for the serious musician who wants some practical hands on help in their specific musical booking and performing journey. This 1-on-1 private coaching session will help you take your vision from paper to building it in real life!

Getting the Gig--Four Weeks to Book Like a Boss 2.0

This is a new upgraded step by step course to take you from novice to booking professional so that you can be successful and get the music gigs you want at the price you deserve! All in a concise simple-to-do process that you don't have to think about! Seriously!

Who is it for?

Any musician with a desire to be independent and get their own gigs consistently. For those who have had some experience in doing their own booking and for those who have never booked themselves. This is for those who really want to take their performing and bring it to the level where they are paid professionals who make their living from doing concerts.

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