Singers, does your voice need to be vocal fatigue free? Do you want some helps to spice up your confidence in your singing?

I've got a course just for you "Uncover Your Best Voice"!

Getting the Gig--Four Weeks to Book Like a Boss 2.0

Do you wish you had a strategy for doing booking that would give you tons of gigs at the price you want? Don't miss this step by step course that will take you from novice to booking boss in just 4 weeks!

Who is it for?

Any musician with a desire to be independent and get their own gigs consistently. For those who have had some experience in doing their own booking and for those who have never booked themselves. This is for those who really want to take their performing and bring it to the level where they are paid professionals who make their living from doing concerts.

What does it include?

Step by Step help to Strategize and Find your Ideal gigs--You will be guided from the start on how to have a plan for booking so you only book gigs that really fit who you are as an artist. ($99 value)

Getting you from Booking Novice to Booking Boss--Breaking free from "I'm not good enough" fear and overwhelm that have held you back in booking.  Each tool that you will need from templates to basic procedures are all provided for you-- in the most SIMPLE WAY! Nothing difficult to sift through here! Just one painless action at a time! ($99 value)

Followups and How You can Turn Them into Effortless Bookings--I'll give you skills for those important and sometimes intimidating followups so you can get a greater percentage of booked gigs. I give you the when and how to make these over time become lasting gigs! ($99)

Finding New Markets Where You Can Thrive--You'll get over 40 resources where you can research potential gigs so you can double or even triple your number of annual gigs. Packaged in a straightforward template for your convenience! ($99)

Knowing Your Value as An Artist and How to Price that Value--You'll be defining all the assets and skills you possess as well as taking stock of all things associated with the gig and venue itself to help determine the standard fee that you can confidently charge as a musician ($99 value)

Tackling Your Fear of Over-Saturated Musician Markets and Price Negotiations--90% of booking success is MINDSET. This course will give you confidence and tools that take the FEAR out of discussing money with venue owners. You will also learn to re-frame the perception that the markets seem over-crowded with musicians. You'll discover your "perfect audience" where the market is wide open because you are your only competition. ($99 value)

How to Get Constant Referrals and Repeat Bookings--Learn specific tactics to build relationships with venue owners and event coordinators before, during and after gigs so they will invite you back over and over again and refer you to their friends. ($99 value)

How to Keep Your Voice in Tip Top Shape for All Those Gigs you Book--I give you healthy technique and practical singing exercises for your voice. This is a must to make sure you can finish every gig strong and get rebooked for the next time around. ($99 value)

Access to a 4 Week Exclusive Facebook Group + Zoom meetings every week!--Joining our booking group where you can continue to get support and motivating feedback to help you continue the momentum of booking! You do not have to do this ALONE! Accountability and camaraderie help get you there! ($299 value)

To top it off , you will get all the templates for an artist statement, scripts,  booking, organizing, pricing, contracts, times of the year to book gigs, and a checklist for each gig you do. This arsenal of tools will make you all set to begin! You will be the booking boss and be completely prepared.  ($99 value)

And if that isn't enough...

I've thrown in FIVE bonus videos  that you can't get anywhere else. ($299 value)

  • My  mini-course: The Complete Virtual Shows Blueprint for the Gigging Musician--everything you need to know about virtual and LIVE gigs--from step A to Z!
  • An interview with  Broadcast/Journalist Writer Carrie Robaina all about biz writing, because in the business of booking, you write every day in emails, invoices, your website and social media to advertise! 
  • An interview with Sound Engineer/Producer Tim Zhorne to help you understand all you need to for getting a sound system that can work at your gigs. He also gets you familiar with what you need to know about a producer when you go in to the studio to record so you have merchandise to sell.
  • An interview with Photographer/Videographer Lisa Gebhard to help you know what to do for getting your promo photos taken and the knowledge of how to do video that best captures you as an artist.
  • Plus an Intro to Sales Tax, Estimated Taxes, W-9's and other business info you need to know. These are the tools you need for you music biz that other courses won't tell you and that many people have no clue about. You will be the biz guru and have the knowledge to be completely prepared for Uncle Sam. And for those of you coming to the US to perform, I throw in some valuable information about paying taxes working in the US.

This course will take you to another level of booking. Be the musician who stands out and gets gigs when others have given up!

Total value: $1,489 get it for $347! Or two payments of $197 each!

8 Units

Every template you need for Getting the Gig: 4 Weeks to Book Like a Boss

All the templates for this course are easily accessible right here, so don't miss any of these files!

Week 1 Strategy, Artist Statement, Finding Venues

In this first week, strategy and knowing who you are as an artist are key! We define and set goals as well as get a taste of all the wonderful opportunities that exist for booking gigs!

Week 2--Creating the Script, Making Contact and Pricing Yourself

This is a week of "doing".  I help you write a script for connecting venues, we leap and start contacting specific places and we find a set price for ourselves that is backed up by skill, experience and talent that we have as artists.

Week 3 Followups, Booking the Gig. Organizing

This is the week for specifics:

  • The when and how often to do followups
  • The clear-cut details you need once you book a gig
  •  An express map of what times of the year you book each type of venue

Week 4 Re-bookings, Building Relationships, Honing Your Voice

I give you lots of practical ways this week to build relationships so that re-booking becomes a natural part of your gigs.

And, I hand you an extra behind the scenes way of making sure you rebook--by being able to sing your best every concert!

Week 5 Bonus video--The Complete Virtual Shows Blueprint for the Gigging Musician

This bonus training for online concerts  helps struggling full time indie musicians be able to perform LIVE and do virtual concerts in a week . I've given you a step by step way to take the pain out of learning new technology!

Week 5 Bonus Videos

This extra bonus week is loaded with videos to help you in your booking business. Everything from understanding taxes, to writing for your booking, getting photos and video ready for your website and social media and what to get for sound system. All of these videos are designed to help you have every detail you need in place to be booking as a professional and knowing you have every tool to pull off your gigs! Don't miss these valuable videos this week!

Testimonials From Past Clients

If you want to know firsthand how much this course helped others get successful bookings, here is what others are saying. Check out these testimonials.

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