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Premier Performer Testimonials for Premier Performer Testimonials for Premier Performer

Testimonials for Premier Performer

"I joined Premier Performance because I have learned the value of community in getting things done that are a little hard for you.  I really enjoyed being able to hear about others’ challenges in booking and preparing for gigs and realizing I was not alone.  Tara’s warm friendly and straightforward delivery of how to get it done is immensely helpful.  

Getting tips and templates on preparing the script for the booking calls and emails was most wonderful.  Preparing the spreadsheet to keep track of booking activities was also most wonderful!

Having a community to check in with is invaluable in terms of helping you to set and reach your goals.  You will definitely learn practical and applicable tips and tools for booking and performing."

(Vienna Carroll, New York--singer, playwright, actor, historian and herbalist.)

"I joined Premier Performer because I felt I needed more help to make myself bookable and to get my booking going.  

One of my takeaways from this group is to think of the why, what I'm doing for whom and what that does to them. 

I would recommend it to others because Tara knows what she's talking about and it shows! "

(Marianne Milde, Sweden--Singer, Pianist, Violinist)

"I joined Premier Performer because I wanted guidance about how to build a music career. I'm a classical singer, and I wondered if Tara's guidance would work for me. I believe that what Tara teaches can work for any musician in any genre.

Working with Tara has caused me to think differently about what a music career can look like for me. With a lot of classical musicians, the goal is to audition as much as possible and hopefully get an agent or manager, or start an ensemble and register as a 501c3 non profit and apply for grants. I have realized that the usual business model for classical musicians doesn't have to be the only way to operate. 

There are many reasons to join Premier Performer and I highly recommend Tara and the group to any musician.

1. It's affordable.

2. Tara is caring, encouraging, helpful, and knowledgeable.

3. The weekly Zoom meetings are very informative, plus it's fun to meet virtually with the other members and to hear how they are doing. 

4. It's also helpful to be able keep in touch with members in the Facebook group. 

(Carmelita Guse, Minnesota--Classical singer and teacher)

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Testimonials for Premier Performer

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