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Three Days to Book Like A Boss

Three Days to Book Like A Boss

This three day FREE training is the booking gigs easy button all Independent musicians struggling to book gigs need to find places that are hiring musicians!!! You could get results booking in as a little as a week! Don't let people tell that you that gigs are not happening! (CLICK BELOW TO GRAB YOUR SPOT!)

  • On this 3 Day training we'll cover how to find gigs that pay,  whether online or in person.
  • You can use the techniques I'll teach you to book gigs where you perform live in person or online!!

Heck, I even show you the ways that you can do online virtual concerts with ease!

In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover on this incredible 3 Day training event:

  • I will give you the most up to date ways to make booking simple. (You can book paid gigs without it encompassing all of your time and energy.).
  • I'll show you how to approach people with creative ways to get them to respond to YOU. 
  • Wondering how to set and keep a price for your time and energy as a musician? I've got you covered!
  • ... and much, MUCH More!

    Don't miss this breakthrough FREE 3 Day training that will finally show you how to make booking your friend and not your foe

April 27-29, 2021! LIVE at 1 pm CDT each day!

3 Units

Day 1 Know How to Approach Places--Creating a Script

We jump in learning how to approach venues, events and people during these unusual times. We will be creating a script to help you connect with any person in a way that is polished and yet approachable! Plus the ways to actually contact them with success! Make sure you join our Facebook groups for videos each day! 1 pm CDT.

Click here:

Day 2 Know What Your Music Skills are Worth

For many musicians, the thought of what to charge for their entertaining and singing can make them anxious. Today, we start from our foundation, building on the musical and performing skills that we possess and knowing how to leverage them into a price that will make you feel confident and satisfied!

LIVE at 1 pm CDT. Remember to join the Facebook group for video training:

Day 3--Getting Over the Fear of Going Live--Virtual Concerts

Because of the times, our ability to do LIVE STREAMING and Virtual concerts is absolutely necessary. But never fear--even if you haven't yet jumped into this realm, we will start with some basic tools of how you can go live, get paid and feel like you are on your way to another income stream.

Don't miss our video training today in our Facebook group:

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